Thursday, June 14, 2012

My bad.

So sorry for the super long hiatus. There have been a lot of not-so-happy things going on in my world lately, but I won't burden you with those details. I've been distracted and haven't really picked up my camera lately (which I do miss), so I don't have much for you. I hate that I've neglected my blog since this is something that I really wanted to keep up with when I started this in the beginning of the year. I'll try to change that and vow to take more pics. It's what I love to do, anyway. And besides, maybe if I put it in writing, I'll stick to it.


I do, however, finally have my pictures to share from my trip to NYC with my sister last month (before everything went spiraling downward). We were lucky enough to have great weather the whole time and we had a great time!

One of these days, I WILL stay here. One day...

Central Park. One of my most favorite places. 

This geese family was too cute! 

For a moment, I contemplated taking this little guy home with me, though I would have had some explaining to do at JFK's security line.

The American Museum of Natural History had a butterfly exhibit where you could go into this room full of free-flying butterflies. There were tons of them and they were so pretty.

I thought they were about to put on a show or do some sort of cheer or something...

Unfortunately, no sightings of Jerry, George, Elaine or Kramer.