Friday, July 13, 2012

Help the pups!

UPDATE: Thank you SO much to all who voted for Penny! She had 670 people vote for her! She ended up coming in a close 2nd place out of 10. I was just psyched that she was chosen as a finalist and reading the sweet comments from people who voted for her through Cesar Millan's site who don't even know us, made me smile. I'm very proud of my pretty little girl!

I'm not even sure who reads this out there in the blog world, but for those of you who do, can you please do me a teeny little favor? Penny Lane was selected as a finalist in Cesar Millan's "Your Dog's Best Feature" contest in the category of "Best Eyes." How cool is that?? For those of you not familiar with Cesar, he's the guy on TV called the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic. Anyway...I entered Penny and was shocked that was chosen out of all the other dogs who entered! The contest runs until July 26th and the winner of each category gets a basket of dog toys and supplies. Since Penny has more than enough toys, I've decided that if she wins, she will donate her basket of goods to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. That's where she was adopted from and it also happens to be my favorite charity.

In order to vote, you have to have a facebook account. Simply log in to your account and click on the link below, which will take you to the contest page. Under her picture, click the "like" button and that's it! Currently, she's in second place out of 10. You only have to vote once so pretty, pretty please click on her page and vote for her! Penny and her fellow pups at Humane Society would be very grateful :)

Have a great weekend, all! Heading out of town on a very much needed vacation this week with the camera in tow. Stay tuned for a ton of new pics when I get back!

Link to contest page: