Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project A.D.D.

Happy Sunday, friends. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had a sick husband and it was rainy, so we took it easy. Fortunately, the rain is gone and Penny has a play date today with another friend's dog, so the poor girl can finally get some energy out. I have a few projects to work on today. My friend's baby shower is down in Tampa next weekend and I was asked to do the decorations for them. Her and her husband got married in Vegas, so the baby shower is Vegas-themed. I must say, coming up with Vegas-themed decorations that were still baby-friendly was quite the challenge however, there's nothing like a good challenge to get the creative juices flowing! I'm actually loving what I came up with. Good thing Mike has a unnecessary amount of poker cards and chips. Combine those with diapers, baby socks and a good sprinkling of blue and silver glitter and voila! Vegas, baby style. I'll post pics next week. Since the shower is Saturday, I don't want to post them until the mom-to-be has seen them :) I started working on them this past week, so I just have a few smaller things to do.

Speaking of baby shower decorations, this will be my third shower I'm creating the decorations for. Last year, I worked on everything for my friend April's shower and for my sister-in-law, Michelle. Obviously, I have fun working on these things so I decided to start selling custom orders on Etsy. So far, I only posted the owl centerpieces that I made for Michelle's shower and 2 days later, I had my first custom order! Figured I might as well try to make some extra money doing something fun. The link to my item is here. I'll be posting more soon, but wanted to start off with one thing and see how it worked out.

I actually have a lineup of projects that I want to work on. In our new place, I actually have space - an entire cabinet, to be exact - to store all my craft items. Previously, I kept everything together in plastic bins in the closet or under the bed. I didn't realize how much stuff I actually had when I was unloading everything... I need to pace myself, though. I seriously feel like I get project A.D.D since there are so many things I want to do at once! The other day, I had to drop some stuff off at our local Goodwill, so I stepped inside to take a peek around. I absolutely love our Goodwill here. A friend tipped me off that this was a really good one, and she was right. It's just under a year old and has some really great steals. I've been to some thrift stores before that seem like giant warehouses storing piles of crap. Not this one, my friends. I was lingering in the book section for about 45 minutes when I came across a few vintage finds. I was suddenly inspired to take on several projects...

I found an old, French cookbook from the 60s which I'm incorporating into decorations into my kitchen. The other thing is a paperback "how-to" book from 1952. I thought it was funny and being that Mike is a general contractor, I thought of a project I can do with the pages of this book and hang it in the den over his drafting table.

I also came across these old Reader's Digest books. They're all first edition and though they're not in 100% shape, I still think it gives it a cool, rustic look. I put these on our mantle as decoration and I love the way they look. The best part about all these books is that they were a STEAL! The paperback was $1.50 and the hardcovers were $2.50 each.

This last project is something that I may have to make my priority for princess. We have 2 of these floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room by the front door, and Penny has selected this one as her spot. She likes to sit here and stare out the window. She has a dog bed that we keep up in the bedroom and she needs a little bed for the window so she can keep an eye on the neighborhood for us. I want something that's not going to slide all over the floor like a regular dog bed, plus I want it to look more like a piece of furniture and be attractive since it is in the living room. 

Other than that, I also want to paint our bookshelf in the den. It's light wood but everything we have is dark wood. I'm thinking of painting it black so the books will stand out more. I also want to paint my jewelry box. It's a boring, old box that I've had for years. I'm thinking of painting it a bright color so it pops on the dark wood dresser.

As I promised in my New Year's resolution post, I'll be posting these projects on here so you can check them out. In the meantime, I'm off to run some errands before taking my hyper psycho to the park. Have a fabulous week! 

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