Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Textured Leaf Stencil Art

I'm still in the process of decorating our new place. I have a lot more wall space in here than in our old house, and I'm trying to decide what to hang up without overdoing it. Our bathroom has some empty wall space and I wanted something to compliment our shower curtain, which is blue, brown and tan with floral/leaf design. I had some blank canvases and paint on hand, and came up with the idea of using leaves from our yard as stencils. I also used a paper towel technique instead of painting. It's easy to do and gives the pictures more texture.

What you'll need:

Place small pieces of double-sided tape on the leaves and press down on the canvas to help hold them in place.
Dip the paper towel in paint, and dab on the canvas. Be gentle around the leaves - the paint can stick to the leaves and put the leaves off the canvas. It's OK if it's not perfect - you want that messy texture anyway. Once it's completely painted, you can remove the leaves.

I used two different branches since I was doing two canvases. I also alternated the color placement so they would be slightly different.

I gave them a quick spray with my Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer Spray and they were good to go!

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