Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wedding Card Art

I am SO excited to share this project! I absolutely love it and though it took some time, I'm smitten with the way it came out.

After our move, I was going through a large bin where a bunch of our wedding stuff is stored. I came across a box where all of our wedding cards were packed. As I looked through them, I realized that I didn't want to get rid of them, but how often do you really go through and read all of those cards? I started thinking of things to do with them and came up with a few ideas.

My first idea was a fail (and a pain). I was going to make a wreath out of the cards, and cut circles out of each card. Mind you, I did this by hand...

Once they were cut out, I realized that I didn't love the idea as much as I hoped I would. As I played around with them, I started to really like the idea of making a collage. However, I hated the circles. I made a trip to Michaels and found this 2x2 inch stamp (which happened to be 50% off by the way. Score!). 

The circles were about 3.5 inches, so I was still able to cut out the shapes from the circles.

After I cut them all out, I decided to sort them by their main colors.

I played around with the layout a few different times and I came up with one that I really liked. To make things easier, I took a pic with my phone so I would remember where they were all placed (this is where my OCD kicked in...).

I bought a 16x20 Ikea Ribba frame and painted the mat black, so that the cards would pop out more. 

Now, here's where it got tricky...

After arranging the squares a few times, I realized that I had JUST enough space on the top and bottom to make them all fit. I did have to rearrange some of the squares a few times, and I didn't want to glue them down and have to take them apart if any of them needed to be rearranged. Using the picture on my phone as a guide, I took double-sided tape and put a small amount on the back of each square and arranged them in the order I wanted. This helped keep all the squares together before gluing it down on the mat.

Once the entire collage was done and taped, I made sure it fit properly on the mat, and then flipped it over to apply the Mod Podge.

I know, I know - I shouldn't be using Mod Podge on the floor. I should be sitting at a table. For some reason, I prefer to sit on the floor and have everything spread out around me.

Once the entire back is covered in Mod Podge, carefully flip over and place on the mat. Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes and it's ready to frame!

We have a corner in our house by out staircase, where a lot of our wedding items are placed. I figured this would be the perfect spot :)

Mike really liked this project too. Now I can display all our wedding cards in a unique way, and not worry about them being stored away in a box. This would be a great project for any event that you have cards that are sentimental to you. It would be really cute for a baby's first birthday! 

On a totally unrelated side note, I also bought this little paw print cutout since it was 50% off too. It was only a $1.99 too cute to pass up! I'm sure I'll find some use for it.

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