Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crazy Easy Cork Board Jewelry Hanger with Bow Tacks

This little project is SO easy. I did it while I was watching TV and took me no time at all. I needed a new place to hang my long necklaces and I've seen similar items like this on Pinterest, so decided to give a try. The best part? I already had everything I needed. Shamelessly, I had PLENTY of corks...A few months ago, I made a wreath out of corks that we hang on our front door. Then, for Christmas this year, my sister's boyfriend gave us this cork holder cage in the shape of a wine bottle to display on our bar. After filling that up, I still had a bag full of corks. Couldn't let them go to waste, right?

I also had a few Ikea Ribba frames that I wasn't using (which are only $1.99, by the way!). They've got some depth to them too, which was good for this project. I took away the glass and mat and glued the corks to the back insert with my glue gun. Word of advice - arrange the corks BEFORE gluing down. Most corks are the same size but I had a few that were a little shorter than others and had to rearrange a few times. Once they're all placed in there, just pick each one up and glue back into place. Easy.

Then, I took some pink tulle and tied them into small bows - small enough to fit on a basic thumb tack. You can also use ribbon - whatever you've got will work!

Put a small drop of glue from your glue on the end of the tack, stick the bow on and that's it!

Told you this was so easy. It really didn't even need a tutorial, but I thought it was cute :) 

And by the way, I still have corks left over. Don't judge. 

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