Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quack, Quack!

Yep...still pregnant. I'm not due for another 2 days so I can't really complain too much, but I'm just way too anxious to meet our little man!

So, to keep myself busy without straying too far from home (I have this fear of my water breaking while I'm in the makeup aisle at Target or something), I've been doing stuff around the house and tending to my ducks. Yes, my ducks. We live on a pond, and not long after we moved in, a mama and 4 babies started frequenting my yard, so of course, I had to feed them every time I saw them. Well, 4 became 3, and then 3 became none...right around the time we saw an alligator in the pond. Not cool. Fortunately, a gator is a very uncommon site in this particular pond, and after spotting him on my lawn of all places, I contacted our HOA and after other complaints, they had a trapper come out and remove him (oh what an exciting Friday night that was!). Since then, a new mama came around with 2 more ducks. Now there's only 1, but since there are no more gators around, I like to think that he rebelled and went off on his own, or maybe he went to live with his dad. We'll leave it at that. The other duck is growing big now and, at the expense of getting laughed at by Mike, I buy duck food at PetsMart and leave it in a bowl in the yard. It makes me so happy to see them get out of the pond and come racing up to the bowl all the time now. Another duck friend of theirs has also decided to join them for their meals, but that's fine by me. If the bowl is empty and they start to walk away, they come running back the minute they hear me open the patio door. They're so pretty - we have Mallards and American Black Ducks. A pesky squirrel has also decided to help himself to the food, but I just open the sliding door and send Penny running out there, and that takes care of that. 

Here are some pics of the most recent babies that I took about 2 weeks ago. 

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